Why I switched to Pop_OS?

Pop_OS looks Neat and Productive. Period.
Life is short but Windows Updates takes forever.

1. Linux is free and that’s a great price!

This is true not only for the operating system and the kernel but also for all the software that comes bundled with it. Also in most cases, there will be an open-source alternative for any paid application in Windows like the LibreOffice Suite instead of Microsoft Office.

2. Pop!_OS is beautiful and functional.

Now to the fun part. Pop!_OS is undoubtedly one of the best-looking desktop environments I have ever used. I would suppose it is tied with Elementary OS, Deepin and Budgie DE. While it’s Gnome desktop environment, has its fair share of criticisms, it does hold true to its values of getting out of your way to get work done.

Automatic Window Tiling

Krishnakanth Alagiri — Automatic Window Tiling
Automatic Window Tiling

Pop!_OS makes life easier for Developers.

Pop!_OS can do everything Ubuntu can do. But its dedicated tools, attractive looks, and refined work flow provide a smooth Development. It supports tons of programming languages and useful programming tools natively. Nvidia drivers with CUDA support comes preinstalled which enables developers to speed up compute-intensive applications.

3. Pop!_Store has Everything.

Pop!_Store has Everything

4. The “Nvidia Driver” Situation.

Nearly all major Linux distributions have come a long way in the past 2 years in making the proprietary Nvidia driver available to their users. Here again, there’s a subtle yet a functional difference in the way Pop!_OS handles Nvidia drivers compared to its alternatives that hybrid graphics laptop users like me would especially appreciate.

Pop!_OS supports Hybrid Graphics

Hybrid Graphics

Pop!_OS supports hybrid graphics straight out of the box. It includes the system76-power package, which includes the ability to switch between integrated, NVIDIA, and hybrid graphics modes.

5. Privacy, Control and Support

Privacy and Security

While no operating system is absolutely risk-free, Windows is a big target for viruses and malware due to its majority market share. With Linux as a whole, you only need to be smart, stick to trusted software repositories, and avoid using risky programs such as Adobe Flash or free_ram.sh. Linux is more secure than Windows primarily because of the way it’s designed and handles user permissions. This is one reason why most of the web runs on Linux. Since most packages you install would be open-source, their codebase is public and would have been reviewed by more developers for bugs and security vulnerabilities.


Compared to Windows or macOS, Linux support is easier to find, and there are dozens of forums, subreddits, chat rooms, and even more websites committed to helping people receive and understand Linux. Unlike Microsoft support, which is mostly from an employee, Linux support usually comes from enthusiasts and developers.

Personal Recommendations

1. Install rEFInd Boot Manager

This is how my rEFInd Boot Manager looks.

2. Bridging gaps between OSes in a system

2.1 Why didn’t I delete Windows for good?

Despite Linux growing better every day, there are still a lot of programs, softwares and hardware that are exclusively made for Windows due to majority market share and the open-source alternatives are not essentially good enough. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and Epic Games Stores are a great example of it.

2.2 Create a common partition

If you’re dual-booting Windows and any other Linux Distibution(s), I strongly advice to turn off Fast Startup in Windows as they make all accessible filesystem read-only in Linux until you fully shut down you Windows. Create an extra NTFS partition for all your OSes to coexist and share common files peacefully.

2.3 Install WINE and create a Windows Virtual Machine

VirtualBox running “Windows 10 Development Virtual Machines" from the Pop_OS host.



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