Why I switched to Pop_OS?

Pop_OS looks Neat and Productive. Period.
Life is short but Windows Updates takes forever.

1. Linux is free and that’s a great price!

2. Pop!_OS is beautiful and functional.

Automatic Window Tiling

Krishnakanth Alagiri — Automatic Window Tiling
Automatic Window Tiling

Pop!_OS makes life easier for Developers.

3. Pop!_Store has Everything.

Pop!_Store has Everything

4. The “Nvidia Driver” Situation.

Pop!_OS supports Hybrid Graphics

Hybrid Graphics

5. Privacy, Control and Support

Privacy and Security


Personal Recommendations

1. Install rEFInd Boot Manager

This is how my rEFInd Boot Manager looks.

2. Bridging gaps between OSes in a system

2.1 Why didn’t I delete Windows for good?

2.2 Create a common partition

2.3 Install WINE and create a Windows Virtual Machine

VirtualBox running “Windows 10 Development Virtual Machines" from the Pop_OS host.



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